R.A.M 2019 is a newly rebuilt and extended version of R.A.M.This pack gives you the ability to create a very advanced river and lakes with flowmap, river bed shapes, and textures on it automatically.

The simulate option will generate the whole river from 1 point, it will analyze shapes, colliders and create the most accurate river shape. Our script and shaders allow automatic wetness when the object hit the spline or lake surface even at runtime - wet ship or car which moves over the lake, sea, river. With all sliders and options, you have full control on every river stage, you could control: specular, smoothness, speed, normal strength, tessellation strength, foam texture, shallowness, deep color, water depth, cascades and waterfalls and much much more. You could locally customize river, lake or blend with other water systems by our vertex paint tool.

Shader could generate styled or realistic rivers, swamps, all depends on user setup – pack contains many examples. Particles and road textures are also included Pack is also suitable as fountain shading and it supports floating island structures. Object flowmap and vertex color painter allows creating floating islands with waterfalls and correct water movement. API will help you to create the whole river at runtime in your game, especially with a simulation tool. Pack is compatible with vegetation studio and vegetation studio pro.