Spelldrift Academy – a magical adventure in VR

Which of us has never dreamed of having hidden magical talents – lifting objects or changing their shape with one hand?

Over the years we have been able to sink into the magical world of miracles and magic, even with a series of Harry Potter books. Moreover, role-playing sessions, commonly known as RPGs, allow us to impersonate the clever wizard, bringing together tens of thousands of players who experience incredible adventures, looking for ancient artifacts, and exploring dangerous, magical abilities.


We used to experience these emotions thanks our own imagination. Today we bring them to the next level, thanks to VR technology. Wouldn’t it be great to see how our spell appears in space? This was a question on which we based our work on Spelldrift Academy. We wanted every one of you to feel what it is like to be a mighty sorcerer who practices the magic elements.



Spelldrift Academy1



Let’s go back to the beginning of this project …


Spelldrift Academy is a project entirely created for VR technology, by a group of engaged role-playing enthusiasts who, halfway between the dragon’s den and the roadside tavern, decided to turn their ideas and inspirations into a more tangible project. The creation of this virtual world was aimed at attracting new adepts into the world of fantasy and sorcery.





For whom is our game dedicated? 

For anyone who enjoys spending time puzzling and exploring secrets. Our game will be a great entertainment for anyone who isn’t afraid of being independent in the action or understanding the surrounding world. And finally, for those who aren’t scared of using „fireball” power.


What is our game all about?
Our game is an adventure, told from the sorcerer’s point of view. He talks about his path in search for his role and sense in an unusual and enchanted world. An important element of this story is the choice of the hero and his gradual transformation from the servant to the great master. At the very end of this road, there will be only one who not only understands the rules of the world, but is also able to bend it for their own needs.




Fantasy movies and literature undoubtedly affect our imagination, but if it’s not enough for you and you want to feel the magic aura, Spelldrift Academy is definitely for you! Move your imagination to a whole new level!




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