PRISON VR – a new dimension of Escape Room entertainment

Among all the ideas to make others happy, there are concepts quite unusual and somehow „exotic”. Their story starts about a decade back, but it is now their renaissance. The idea is simple and intriguing at the same time. A group of friends is closed in a room, which decor and props relate to the character of the previously chosen riddles. The main purpose of the team is to integrate, cooperate and solve all tasks efficiently, to fit within the time limit specified by the organizer, and of course to solve the puzzle. Whether the mission will be an escape from a psychopath murderer, getting out of an almost mythical labyrinth or dismantling a „mathematical knot” is the choice of the players themselves.






Every Escape Room, to a lesser extent, derives from various cultural achievements, and one example is a labyrinth. However, not for everyone it may be obvious that the Escape Room owes its beginning to virtual entertainment …

In 1988, the first type of game was created, based on a simple mechanism – the user responded to the texts displayed on the computer screen, typing in the commands with the keyboard. The player himself visualized all the adversities and horrors that were on his way to escape. The imagination and creativity of the users allowed them to enjoy this form of entertainment, but this, moving with the times, evolved.





The word riddles were pushed aside, and the eyes of those hungry for new impression were satisfied with the beautiful graphics of the rooms and objects at that time. The gameplay changed a bit because text support was replaced by ‘point and click’. With the mouse, players’ capabilities increased, and fun began to gather larger and larger groups of fans.


The next level of evolution of the concept was the creation of the so-called „Real Escape Room”. The Silicon Valley programmers were the precursors of this subgenre, their project was created in 2006, and the theme of the entire script was the creativity of the incomparable Agatha Christie. At this point, the concept of „Real Escape Room” embarked on the conquest of the world.

Today we will find similar games not only on personal computers, but also on tablets and smartphones.



PrisonVR (1)



Virtual entertainment is undergoing constant revolutions. More and more people are choosing to grasp the miracles offered by today’s VR devices. This technology allows us to enjoy the greatness of games such as Escape Room projects. At our homes we can go to any room we currently want to, and let ourselves be trapped in innumerable opportunities and extremely difficult riddles.



Indago decided to refer to the tradition of the virtual Escape Room, creating a PrisonVR game. The player has 14 minutes to find a way to get out of an uncomfortable prison cell … It does not help that the custody peace is monitored by a guard, who is patrolling the dark corridors. Title gives players unprecedented freedom and convenience in solving subsequent tasks.


PrisonVR is a great entertainment for people seeking the new and exciting ways of spending time in the virtual world. Increased level of adrenaline, the need for extravagant cleverness and creativity of the player guarantee a great fun, both solo as well as among the best friends. Find out who will be a better escapee!

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