2016 is without a doubt a milestone for the current brand. After leaving Black Eye Games, a new project, focused on asset design and solutions for Unity, was launched. Concentrated and determined we started working under the Nature Manufacture brand … the passage of time showed that the initial assumptions were correct, everything was dynamic and we had professional co-workers who share a common passion.

With the approach of winter also came a new idea – „Winter Ground Pack”. It was a challenge to present the characteristics of the snow, but the goal was achieved! The package immediately became a bestseller among product categories. Together with the successive tasks our staff team expanded, as experience was essential to the projects that received the growing interest of customers who decided to trust the brand.


Winter Ground Pack (Unity)  |  Winter Ground Pack (Unreal)


Winter Ground Pack 1-horz



The following months brought new successes and challenges – one of them was Co-op World Creator. This product was the result of collaboration with BiteTheBites UG. The interest in the product was enormous, because World Creator, which used to produce games, presentations and films, became a tool used by top developers in the „AAA” class and the largest scientific institutions that benefited from it and continue to use our work in their projects!



World Creator








In the NatureManufacture collection, the unique package was Graveyard and Nature Set – a huge collection of textures, models and materials, in the highest quality and with perfectly optimized compatibility with PC and mobile devices. In addition, our portfolio includes only high quality products, created with dedication, reflecting the growing interest and satisfaction of our customers.  

Unreal Winter Ground Pack
Landscape Ground Pack 2 and Unreal Landscape Ground Pack are still the exciting products that are pioneers in the asset market!



NatureManufacture (Unity)  |  NatureManufacture (Unreal)









NatureManufacture has been working in partnership with Adam Goodrich, the creator of Gaia, Gene and other legendary Asset Store packages. Together we work on a project that will be a unique one in the current asset market!



NatureManufacture_FullThe year 2016 was a very hard work for NatureManufacture, but also full of satisfaction. The effort put into work has turned into a positive reception of the company and the trust from our customers. In addition, even older productions are still being chosen by clients! The unsettled desire for development resulted in friendships that we were able to transform into a partnership basis. This way we are constantly in a development of some important projects which are one of our main goals for 2017.


We do not slow down the pace, we improve our skills and we boost the quality of our products. Trust of our customers is a very important and unique reward!




The year 2017 is not over yet … and we have many new and surprising plans. Other projects and cooperations that will deeply move both consumers and the market.
If you are looking for professional materials for professional production, do trust NatureManufacture!

NatureManufacture (Unity)  |  NatureManufacture (Unreal)