Indago VR projects in 2016

The past 2016 was a fruitful year for Indago, in which we diverted towards creative projects both internal and in co-operation with other companies. We have been able to draw up more than a dozen of important events, especially the launches of games created by Indago, and not only …



Inspired by the popular form of entertainment which is the escape room, we came up with the idea of moving the prison cell to your home! We have created a game that gives the participant an amazing fun, but requires a little cunning and proper planning. The player will not complete the stage without sacrifice and effort. We don’t hide that Prison VR is a demanding production, although satisfaction from the completion and final prison break is absolutely invaluable!


The idea for the game emerged around April 2016 in circumstances completely unrelated to computer games, when developers of the two Poznan companies, Indago and Gspot Studios, met for a friendly chat… The works started almost instantly. The game was presented on the PGA 2016 and in the Indie Zone on Pyrkon!


Another production of Indago, still playing with the elements of exploration – Spirit Journey. The game offers 10 levels and 10 unique secrets that will be explored by the player, defeating the hexagonal, oriental locations. This light and pleasant title is a perfect treat for all casual gamers!


The idea for the game was born during the Global Game Jam 2016. The developers from two Poznan based companies, Indago and UX Dream, joined forces and began building the game in early January 2016. The game was presented at the Indie Zone of the Pyrkon convention and got a warm reception from the players.





Indago is not only about VR games, but also about a number of initiatives carried out on behalf of or in cooperation with our business partners. Particularly worthy of mention are:




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GeoGet – this is a lightweight game project that uses a world geography model. Learning transferred into the game is a great way to expand and test your knowledge, getting some fun at the same time!



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Steampunker VR is a new game developed by Telehorse. The game is steeped in the steampunk climate. The title is the first of its kind for VR, so we are glad we could be part of this venture.



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Ghosted Views – another unique project we would like to mention. It’s an amazing visualization based on point cloud technology.



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We are constantly evolving, and thus we participate throughout the year in numerous industry events, as shown below. We are everywhere where something important happens!









The year 2016 was full of emotion and positive energy. We are delighted that we have been given a great deal of trust from our customers and colleagues – we consider it as our greatest success as creators!

The experience gained through the past several months, we are investing in new and more ambitious projects. We try to surprise and satisfy the expectations of our customers. The result is Spelldrift Academy! Soon we will present more about this amazing and bursting-with-magic title on our site.


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